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Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Is Here. Finally.

Fall came a week later to Albuquerque and it was worth the wait. Last week we still had temps of 93ยบ at 6 pm and it was hot hot hot! This morning the clouds were enveloping the Sandia Mountains and provided a fluffy cotton dandy backdrop for the hundreds of hot air balloons that were dotting the sky. The weather is damp, cool and just delicious. Time to get out my 'winter shorts'. I wear shorts all year long. This is my time of year.

Yesterday was a hard day for my little family. It was my father in laws birthday, the first one since he passed away last November.  It was hard to see my husband tear up while we were buying flowers to take to his grave. We all brought flowers and balloons and it made a nice burst of color for his headstone. We didn't coordinate our visit with other family and we all would up there within minutes of each other. I jokingly said are we going to sing happy birthday and so we did. I felt a little silly singing in the cemetery, but I am glad that we did. We have the first anniversary of his passing next month and that one is going to be even harder.

I am still on my juice fast, day 5.  I am feeling really good. Weekends are have always been hard for me.  I got in the habit of taking it easy on the weekends.  I then did the math and realized that being lax for 2 days a week is almost like being bad for 3 months out of the year. That is not a good thing. This weekend was especially trying for me. Saturday we took the car to be detailed I sat next to a popcorn machine that made endless batches of popcorn and there were snacks everywhere.  I held strong and sipped my juice. After the cemetery, we all decided to go to lunch afterward. This was not not the table when we set out in the am, so I was not prepared with a juice. I had water while everyone was enjoying salsa and chips and then some delicious lunches.  I feel real resolve this fast and just sipped my water. I would up doing a water fast all day on Sunday and crawling into bed to just chill. I listened to my body. I had a fabulous nights sleep and woke up feeling rested.  

This morning I woke up and wasn't hungry, even after having just water yesterday. I stepped on the scale this morning and it shows that I have lost 10.8 lbs since October 1st.  I am thrilled.   I went and did a bunch of errands and then decided I needed to drink some juice, so I stopped by my local raw and juice bar.  I had another shot of wheat grass and the most delicious juice I have ever had.  I chose ingredients I have used together myself before, but I guess not having juice yesterday and having someone else make it for me made it even more delicious. I would love for them to juice for me everyday. If I was a Rockefeller. I asked the manager if it would be OK if I brought in my own mason jars, stainless steel straws and shot glass (for wheat grass) so I would not be throwing away all this plastic and he said he I sure could. I really like the manager.  

I had planned to walk around the park while Nathan was doing Taekwondo, however he sprained his finger today playing ball at school and they are taped together. They are sparring today at Taekwondo and he didn't want to hurt it more.  I was also going to go to the gym with the hubby tonight and he just said he isn't going to go tonight.  I am a bit disappointed, but my body is very tired so I am ok with this. I am going to chill and listen to the rain that just started. 

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